Adolphson Spatial Analysis (ASA)

ASA är en plattform för samarbete, konsultation och uppdrag inom områdena planering och urban och regional utveckling.

The firm serve as a platform for consultancy, cooperation and jobs in the fields of planning and urban development




Adolphson Spatial Analysis (ASA) provides consultancy in urban planning.

For example, ASA assist in urban planning procedures to address local social and economic challenges caused by ongoing global changes and new national infrastructure investment.


Urban Ontology - what is a city?

Adolphson Spatial Analysis provides a course in Urban Ontology - urban structure in a perspective of Social Theory.

Why not start with the Introduction on general level? Then You get an nice overview of social theory and urban structure in 20 minutes.


The City and the Urban structure coud be understood from numerous of perspectives. Architects, transnport engeneers, historians, porperty developers and urban planners understand and see the urban structure from their perspectives - all valid. In order to facilitate communications and understanding of the city an cognetive map is useful. The course provides insight in the most influential social theroies on urban structure and its physical component. Thereby a further understanding of the urban structure could be developed. The course is given in three levels of ambitions: General, Proff. 1 and Proff 2. Language: English or Swedish.

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Adolphson Spatial Analysis (ASA)

Marcus Adolphson, PHD, Urban and Regional Studies

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